For the safety of our staff and our beloved community the nursery is temporarily closed to in-house sales. We are accepting orders for curbside pickup.

Welcome to the 2020 Gardening Season

Greetings. While working in my garden I was struck by the indescribable magic some plants possess. These plants enchant our flower beds, turning ordinary gardens into awe-inspiring sanctuaries. I’m excited to share a few of these magnificent wonders with you. Read on to see a few of these beauties.


Gardening Friends, you may notice a few changes here at Sugar Creek. In our commitment to be good stewards to the Earth we are working on ways to promote a healthy environment. Certain pesticides have proven to be extremely harmful, disrupting the all important food chain. While we’ve always limited our use of insecticides in the nursery, we’ve gone a step further–we’ve made a commitment through the Missouri Prairie Foundation’s Grow Native program not to sell or use these products. So no big guns here, but you’ll find other alternatives to combat pests, please ask.

Abby Lapides Sugar Creek Gardens


To help ease the single use plastic problem we’ve changed our trunk liners from plastic to paper. They’ll keep your trunk clean, and can be recycled or composted. Either place in your recycle or compost bin, or even better, you can use them as an organic weed barrier and soil builder. Just place where you don’t want weeds and top with a bit of mulch or compost. They will naturally break down, enriching your soil. We’d be thrilled to hear what you think about these.


For those of you just meeting us, we are a St. Louis plant nursery. Over the years we have received multiple recognitions, including being voted the Best Garden Center in St. Louis and being named one of St. Louis Top Garden Centers. We specialize in the best perennials, shrubs, annuals and Missouri native plants for St. Louis. But we adore all plants, and carry as many varieties as can fit in the nursery. Explore this website to learn more about these wonderful plants and how to care for them.


I wish you a bountiful and joyful gardening season!

Abby Lapides