Buxus Green Mountain, Boxwood Topiary
Buxus Green Mountain, Boxwood Topiary Topiaries Buxus, Boxwood Topiaries Picea glauca Conica, Dwarf Alberta Spruce Topiary

Topiary, Evergreen Topiaries

Plants for all seasons, evergreen topiaries feature shrubs or small trees that have been shaped into attractive forms. 

They add classy touches to front porches, garden walkways and patios. Their many interesting shapes include single balls, double poodles, spirals, pyramidals and other forms. Easy to dress up for the holiday season, just add colorful berries and a few decorations and presto! it will look like you’ve gone pro.

Many boxwood, Buxus, Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Picea, and yews, Taxus, are fantastic as topiaries, as they easily can be trained into many shapes. Many work well in containers, withstanding the coldest of winters.

Depending upon the variety, some prefer full sun, while others thrive in shady spots. They all benefit from good soil, reliable water, and occasional fertilizer.

See a few of our favorites below.


Product Description

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Additional Information

Botanical Name

Buxus, Picea, Taxus

Common Name

Evergreen Topiary, Topiary

Foliage Color


Light Requirements

Part Shade, Shade, Sun






Evergreen, Living Wall, Screening, Specimen, Topiary



Water Needs

Average, Consistent



Plant Type

Shrub, Tree