Tomato Sun Sugar
Tomato Sun Sugar Tomato Sun Sugar

Tomato Sun Sugar

#1 Top Winner of the Best Tasting Tomato contest at the Missouri State Fair

Some say Sun Sugar Tomato is the world’s sweetest Tomato. Abundant, candy-sweet orange cherry tomatoes with high levels of sugar and vitamin A appear for months. Each 1/2-1″ bright orange tomato bursts with rich flavor, the perfect combination of sweet and tart. It’s a vigorous grower that will produce hoards of tasty fruits from summer until frost. Sun Sugar Tomato will continue to fruit heavily even through the hottest days of summer. One of the absolute best cherry tomatoes, its delightful fruits are fantastic for snacking, salads and delicious salsas.

Plant in full sun. A vigorous grower, it should be staked or use a cage for support. Very easy to grow and disease resistant. Plants are resistant to fusarium wilt and tomato mosaic virus.

#1 Top Winner of the Best Tasting Tomato contest at the Missouri State Fair. The contest was hosted by the University of Missouri.

Each year The University of Missouri’s Bradford Research Center and its team of researchers and staff host taste-testing events of various fruits and vegetables. The purpose is a case study to see what people prefer to eat.

Available as a traditional tomato organically grown and also as a grafted Mighty ‘Mato, read more here.

Mighty 'Mato


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Locally Grown

To give you the best quality and freshness our tomato plants are locally grown. We’ve carefully selected for you the most vigorous varieties that will thrive in our area.  Being locally grown, the plants have been acclimated to our climate, and are not stressed after long truck rides. You can count on us for the most outstanding varieties, along with the freshest and healthiest pants in the area.




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