Spirea Candy Corn, new foliage
Spirea Candy Corn, flowers Spirea Candy Corn, landscape Spirea Candy Corn, landscape Spirea Candy Corn, new growth Spirea Candy Corn, spring new growth

Spirea Candy Corn, Japanese Spirea

A top choice for low maintenance and striking good looks.

Bring brilliant color to your sunny spots with ‘Candy Corn’ Spirea. In spring its foliage emerges candy apple red. Its fascinating leaves brighten to pineapple yellow with pumpkin orange tips. Dark purple blooms appear in late spring into early summer, making an eye-popping display. The fantastic color stays all season as the plants continually bring bright orange new growth on top of the yellow foliage. Only growing 18-24″ tall and 30″ wide makes it a top choice for smaller areas, and low growing hedges. ‘Candy Corn’ Spirea maintains its compact mounded shape with very little pruning. Deer resistant.

Tired of planting annuals year after year, replace those plants with ‘Candy Corn’ Spirea. It puts on a spectacular display as a single, specimen plant alone in flower beds and containers. Returning year after year with its brilliant all season color makes it ideal to replace annuals in mass, large beds, or anywhere you want the color of annuals but don’t want to replant every spring. We like it so much we have it on our Best Shrubs for St. Louis Area Gardens list.

A member of the outstanding Double Play series of shrubs, a group of colorful, long-blooming selections that are carefree and easy to grow. The Double Play Series extends these phenomenal shrubs’ color beyond just flowering. They bring a double play of colorful vibrant flowers and absolutely stunning foliage.

Spirea are compact deciduous shrubs that lose their leaves in winter. Spirea are heavy bloomers. They are tough dependable plants that are tolerant of drought and different soil conditions, as long as it drains well. Spirea require very little maintenance.

Plant in full sun in well-draining soil. Avoid areas with standing water. They bloom on year-old wood. If pruning is needed it should be done immediately after flowering to give the plant enough time to make year-old wood for the following year’s flowers. Although plants tolerate dry conditions, give Spirea deep soakings during dry spells. They benefit from a time-release fertilizer in spring.

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