Soil Knife Abby Lapides
Soil Knife Abby Lapides Soil Knife

Soil Knife

A Million Garden Tools In One

Okay, maybe not a million but certainly tons. Our favorite #1 tool, the incredible soil knife.

  • Plant bulbs and flowers

  • Divide Perennials

  • Dig out weeds

  • Saw through roots

  • Prepare furrows for seeding

  • Chop greens off root vegetables

  • Cut twine

  • Cut twigs and small branches

  • Stainless steel, won’t rust

  • Orange handle makes it easy to find 

  • Lifetime Guarantee
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A Gardener’s Dream Tool

The soil knife makes the ideal gift for your special gardener or even yourself. The blade of our Deluxe Soil Knife is high-quality stainless-steel. This 6-inch blade features an extended dual-cut serrated edge and a built-in twine-cutting notch. Each blade is etched with depth markings and outfitted with a comfortable, one-piece molded composite handle. Its comfortable handle features a rounded grip and a molded thumb rest, making it ideal for a long day of gardening.

Engineered for the active gardener, the Soil Knife works well for a multitude of tasks. Use it to plant bulbs, flowers, herbs and seeds. Its dual-cut serrated edge gives you the sharpest edge possible. Its razor-sharp edge easily slices through stems and small branches, plant roots, weeds, twine, or plant ties. It also works well for dividing plants, digging up rocks, mixing in soil amendments, and cleaning out cracks in your sidewalk or pavement. The blade withstands over 300 pounds of pressure, so it stands up to nearly any task. Its etched inch markings ensure your plants and bulbs are planted at just the right depth. The built-in twine-cutting notch allows you to cut twine. Lifetime warranty!