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Say hello to the most beautiful foxgloves you’ll ever see

For cottage garden lovers and perennial flower enthusiasts, foxgloves ( Digitalis purpurea) have to be at the top of The All-Time Favorite-Flower List.
We received delivery at the nursery of the most truly stunning foxgloves I’ve ever seen. They stop people in their tracks! There are three beefy plants in each 3-gallon container and they are in full bloom. Money well-spent at $26.99.
With this plant, you get height — sometimes up to 4 feet — and glorious color, beautiful bell-shaped flowers, and simply drama, drama, drama.
They like a full-sun exposure, but will tolerate part-shade. Many foxgloves are biennials, meaning they only bloom after two years. (The ‘Camelot’ series, however, bloom right away.) But if you let the plant set seed, it’s likely that you’ll get light re-seeding the following year, resulting in staggered plants and blooming.
Or try the true perennial foxglove, Digitalis grandiflora ‘Carillon.’ Its pale yellow flowers are striking in a light-shade area, and it’s a hearty, worry-free plant.
I dare you to resist!