Ficus elastica Burgundy, Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant ‘Burgundy,’ Ficus elastica

‘Burgundy’ Rubber Plant, Ficus elastica, features large, 8-12″ long, dark glossy green leaves with burgundy highlights. This larger plant looks great on the ground next to a fireplace or a television area. The Rubber Plant can handle low light and low water; be sure to keep it away from cold winter drafts and only water when the soil is dry.

Fantastic as houseplants indoors or outdoors as unique specimens. In the wild plants can grow 50-100′ feet tall. In the house they usually grow 2-10′ tall. Rubber Trees rarely bloom as houseplants.

Easy to grow, they prefer bright, indirect light, with protection from direct sun. Tolerant of very low light. Leaves are darkest in more light, light green in low light conditions.

Plant in well-draining, good potting soil. Fertilize plants occasionally when they are actively growing, usually April through Aug, following fertilizer manufacturer’s directions. Water consistently, letting plants completely dry out in between waterings. Water deeply. Very tolerant of dry conditions. It’s hard to kill these wonders, these plants are very forgiving for missed waterings. Avoid getting water on the foliage, as it may stain the plants. Overwatering and not letting plants dry out between waterings will kill plants. Plants will require less water during fall and winter months. Plants prefer warm temperatures and should not be moved outdoors until night temperatures are at least 60 degrees or more.

If plants become too tall, they may be pruned.

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