Pycnanthemum tenuifolium, Slender Mountain Mint

2020 Native Plant Of The Year

A profuse blooming Missouri native perennial, Slender Mountain Mint, Pycnanthemum tenuifolium, explodes with multitudes of white flower clusters in mid to late summer and early fall. Its 2-3′ stems are covered with extremely narrow, almost needle-like leaves. A strong mint-like scent fills the air when any part of the plant is crushed. Makes a wonderful, fragrant cut flower. Attractive to butterflies, bees, birds and other pollinators (see the video below). For a natural mosquito repellent, rub the leaves on your skin. 

Slender Mountain Mint matures to a compact 2-3′ clump of attractive needle-like foliage. In ideal conditions it will spread easily. It makes a good companion plant for other summer blooming perennials. A top choice for natural areas such as meadows, areas with poor soil, naturalized gardens, and rain gardens, and it also looks beautiful in more formal gardens. Deer and rabbit resistant.

Plant in well-draining soil in full sun to light shade. Naturally at home in savannas, prairies and glades, it tolerates dry, rocky soils.

A featured plant of the Missouri Prairie Foundation Grow Native Pollinator Buffet program, a collection of plants that have been identified as being important to pollinators. See more Pollinator Buffet plants here.

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