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Perennial Plants for St Louis Missouri Shade Gardens

There are perennial plants for every garden situation. Perennials often require less maintenance and watering than annual plants. Many have few pest problems and are easy to grow. A well thought-out perennial garden can provide many years of beauty and enjoyment. By carefully selecting your plants, you will have a garden full of color from spring through fall.

Over the years we have grown and observed thousands of perennials here at our St. Louis nursery, and believe these are some of the best perennials for St. Louis. The perennials listed her all possess exceptional qualities, have proven to thrive in the St. Louis area, and come highly recommended. They are easy to grow and make a good start for beginning gardeners. Read on to see some of the best shade perennials for St. Louis.

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  • The perennials listed here prefer shade to part shade, each plant having their own light requirements. Adding a shovelful or two of compost when planting these beauties will encourage good root growth and more flowering.

    Planting these perennials will give you color in your shade garden spring through fall. First, in early spring the enchanting ‘Valentine’ Bleeding Heart and Wild Sweet William begin to bloom followed by the stately Solomon’s Seal. As the season progresses the airy plumes of Goat’s Beard and the delightful dangling jewels of Columbine appear. In summer you’ll have the jewel-toned Astilbe and bright red Indian Pink. Corydalis looks fantastic all season with its waves of flowers from early spring through fall, its amazing foliage adds another fascinating element. The colorful foliage of Lilyturf, Coral Bell, Hosta, and Solomon’s Seal rivals many plants’ flowers and adds strong interest all year. The season ends with a blooming bonanza of Anemone, Hosta, and Liriope.

    A few other favorite perennials for shade include: ‘Chocolate Chip’ Ajuga, Red Cardinal Flower, Lobelia, Foxglove Digitalis, and the list goes on and on. Visit our Reference Guide for more suggestions.

    Although many of these plants once established are tolerant of days of low moisture, for best flowering give good soakings during dry spells, and even better, keep consistently moist. Some of these plants will continue to bloom without deadheading, but for maximum blooming clip off spent blossoms before the plants start to go to seed. You’ll want all the plants’ energy to go to making more flowers.

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