Paeonia Itoh Lollipop, Peony

Paeonia Itoh Lollipop, Intersectional Peony

Itoh Lollipop Peony, Paeonia, features huge, apricot flowers with splashes of deep purple-pink, held on strong stems. It matures to a lush mound of green foliage with tons of blooms every spring. Its beautiful emerald foliage creates a sturdy, well shaped shrub that looks lovely all season.

Itoh Peonies are considered Intersectional Peonies, a new class created by crossing herbaceous peonies with tree peonies. They posses the best qualities of both including: huge blossoms in unique colors; fantastic foliage; strong stems; longer bloom time; extreme winter hardiness with increased vigor.

A delightful reward for being a Peony grower is their gorgeous cut flowers. Peonies are excellent plants that are easy to grow in full sun to part shade. Although Peonies prefer a sunny location, giving them a break from the hot afternoon sun will prolong their beautiful flowers.

Peonies like a rich soil. Adding a shovelful or two of compost when planting will give you best results. Peonies must be planted at the correct depth to ensure flowering. Peony’s eyes should be 1 1/2″ – 2″ below soil level. Peonies are very long lived. They can be left alone, never needing to be divided.

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