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Missouri Native Plants Available Today

We are accepting orders for curbside pickup.

See below for a list of Missouri Native plants available for purchase at the nursery today. Please email [email protected] for orders. Once we have received your order we will bundle it and give you a call for your credit card information. We are only taking credit cards over the phone for payment at the moment.

Inventory is fluid and items may sell out.

Please leave you name and phone number with your order. Email your order to: [email protected]

To see images, descriptions and growing instructions for these plants visit Missouri Native Plants >>>

1 QT – 5″ pot, #1 = 6″ pot

Description Common Name Price
Achillea millefolium QT Yarrow 8.99
Aquilegia canadensis QT Columbine 8.99
Asarum canadense #1 Wild Ginger 12.99
Asclepias incarnata QT Swamp Milkweed 8.99
Asclepias tuberosa QT Butterflyweed 8.99
Aster novae angeliae QT New England Aster 8.99
Aster oblongifolius QT Aromatic Aster 8.99
Aster oolentagiensis QT Sky Blue Aster 8.99
Callirhoe bushii QT Bush’s Poppy Mallow 8.99
Callirhoe involucrata QT Poppy Mallow 8.99
Carex grayi QT Bur Sedge 10.99
Carex pennsylvanica QT Pennsylvania Sedge 8.99
Carex vulpinoidea QT Fox Sedge 9.99
Cercis canadensis #5 Redbud 59.99
Cimicifuga (Actea) racemosa #1 Black Cohosh, Fairy Candles 14.99
Coreopsis lanceolata QT Coreopsis 8.99
Dalea purpurea QT Purple Prairie Clover 8.99
Echinacea paradoxa QT Yellow Coneflower 8.99
Geranium maculatum #1 Wild Geranium 13.99
Heuchera richardsonii QT Alum Root 8.99
Iodanthus pinnatifidus QT Purple Rocket 8.99
Iris fulva QT Copper Flag Iris 10.99
Lobelia cardinalis QT Cardinal Flower 8.99
Mertensia virginica QT Virginia Bluebells 9.99
Monarda bradburiana #1 Beebalm 12.99
Monarda fistulosa QT Wild Bergamot 8.99
Oenothera macrocarpa/missou QT Missouri Primrose 8.99
Penstemon cobaea QT Dew Flower 8.99
Penstemon digitalis QT Foxglove Beardtongue 8.99
Phlox divaricata QT Woodland Phlox 8.99
Phlox paniculata QT Garden Phlox 8.99
Phlox pilosa QT Prairie Phlox 7.99
Physostegia virginiana QT Obedient plant 8.99
Polemonium reptans QT Jacob’s Ladder 8.99
Pycnanthemum tenufoliu QT Slender Mountain Mint 8.99
Ratibida pinnata QT Grey Headed Coneflower 8.99
Rudbeckia fulgida QT Orange Coneflower 8.99
Rudbeckia missouriensis QT Missouri Black Eyed Susan 8.99
Rudbeckia subtomentosa QT Sweet Coneflower 8.99
Sedum ternatum QT Whorled Stonecrop 8.99
Senecio aureus QT Squawweed 8.99
Senecio obovatus QT Squaw Weed 9.99
Sporobolus heterolepis QT Prairie Dropseed 8.99
Stylophorum diphyllum QT Celadine poppy 9.99
Tradescantia ohiensis QT Ohio Spiderwort 7.99
Verbena canadensis QT Verbena 8.99
Zizia aptera QT Heart Leafed Golden Alexander 8.99


Native Plant of the Year 2020 Slender Mountain Mint

A Pollinator Powerhouse

A profuse blooming Missouri native perennial, Slender Mountain Mint, Pycnanthemum tenuifolium, explodes with multitudes of white flower clusters in mid to late summer and early fall. Its 2-3′ stems are covered with extremely narrow, almost needle-like leaves. A strong mint-like scent perfumes the air when any part of the plant is crushed. Makes a wonderful, fragrant cut flower. Attractive to butterflies, bees, birds and other pollinators. For a natural mosquito repellent, rub the leaves on your skin. Easy to grow in sunny locations.


Callirhoe invoculata wincups native plant of the year