Liriope NoMo, Lily Turf
Liriope NoMo, Lily Turf Liriope NoMo, Lily Turf Liriope NoMo, Lily Turf Liriope NoMo, Lily Turf

Liriope NoMo, Lily Turf

A fantastic, low maintenance lawn alternative, ‘NoMo’ Lily Turf, Liriope, gives you all the luxury of a fine lawn without all the mowing, fertilizing, and watering. Its fine-textured, emerald green grass-like leaves only grow 3-6″ tall.

Engineered to act just like a lawn grass, it tolerates foot traffic, pets, kids playing, and other activities. It’s ideal for your toughest spots–slopes and hard to get to areas, anywhere you don’t want to drag the lawn mower, trimmer, or hose. It looks great even in dry shade under trees. This gorgeous evergreen ground cover looks beautiful around shrubs, edging walkways, and in between stepping stones. Its thick foliage smothers weeds, and it’s never bothered by diseases or pests. It thrives in sun or shade, and seldom needs watering once established. Resists deer and rabbits. Plants spread by underground rhizomes.

In late summer tiny, lavender star-shaped flowers appear.

Important notes and planting information 

‘NoMo’ Liriope creeps to form a thick, weed deterring carpet of green. Like many perennials, it takes about one to three years to get fully established. It appears to grow slowly the first year–yet underground its rhizomes are spreading rapidly. The following spring after planting it thickens up considerably to a lush, thick lawn alternative, with little or no care needed.

Plant in soil that has has been amended with all purpose fertilizer, following manufacturers instructions. Space plants 8-10″ apart. Keep well watered until established. Mulching between plants will conserve water and keep weeds down until ‘NoMo’ fills in. A pre-emergent herbicide can be applied after planting to minimize weeds. After plants fill in no fertilizer, mulch, or pre-emergents are needed. Although fertilizer is not necessary once established, an occasional application is beneficial. Even though it is extremely drought tolerant with low water needs, it still benefits from a deep soaking during long dry spells. If needed, mow or cut down previous year’s foliage in early spring.

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Liriope NoMo

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