For the safety of our staff and our beloved community the nursery is temporarily closed to in-house sales. We are accepting orders for curbside pickup.

See Bees and Butterflies Galore

Monarda fistulosa, Wild Bergamot


If you’re on a mission to experience butterflies and bees head on over to Shaw Nature Reserve. The fields are blanketed with wildflowers. In peak bloom now, Wild Bergamot, Monarda fistulosa, attracts swarms of butterflies and bees. To give you a peek of what you’ll see, I’ve just updated SC’s Wild Bergamot’s web page with photos recently taken at Shaw. See it here. Enjoy!



Starting A Perennial Garden

Visit with Sally as she shows you 10 easy care plants to start a perennial garden.

Jurassic Begonias Living Up To Their Hype

Begonia Jurassic Watermelon with hand


They’re monsters. The new Jurassic Begonias’ leaves can grow a whopping 5-9″ depending on the variety. Here’s a pic of Watermelon. Plants prefer shade to the deepest shade and rich, moist soil. Soil must be well drained as wet conditions are not tolerated. We’re finding they are excellent plants for shady containers.

The World’s Favorite Rose: New Dawn

In 1997, the ‘New Dawn’ rose was voted the most popular rose in the world at the World Convention of Rose Societies. Why? Because it has it all!

  • Blush-pink double flowers
  • Fine fragrance
  • Repeat-blooming
  • Clean foliage
  • A voracious climber, reaching 12′ to 18′ tall and half as wide
  • Hardy to Zone 4
  • Tolerates shade
  • Abundant red hips in the fall

It’s easy to see why this rose has become the gold standard for repeat-blooming climbers. We’ve had one at the nursery for more than 10 years planted right outside the gift shop. And it’s blooming now — stopping traffic. Look at these pictures, lean in and just breathe in the sweet scent…Read more here.


Sugar Creek’s Favorite Hostas for 2015

Here Abby shares a few of our favorite Hostas for 2015.