Kojo Coyote Animal Repellent

Kojo Coyote Animal Repellent

Ooh, he’s scary! The deer and bunnies think so too

Meet Kojo, a polyester pet that will scare off deer, bunnies and other varmint without dangerous chemicals or poison. A super realistic photo on durable fabric, Kojo looks alive, fooling even the sliest of animals. Simply place Kojo in a visible location near your prized beauties and it will protect that area.

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  • Deters deer and other invasive animals from eating valuable plants and gardens

  • Repels geese from lakes, yards and pond banks

  • Superior photo realistic quality

  • Durable polyester fabric – withstands weathering, rain and snow

  • Photo on no-shine, tear-resistant fabric supported with fiberglass poles with steel step stakes

What Kojo owners have to say:

We recently visited a large southern botanical garden protected by Kojo. The staff proudly told us that Kojo has been highly effective deterring deer. They also shared for best results Kojo should be moved around occasionally.

“I bought a Kojo in hopes that it would at least slow down how fast the deer were destroying my flowers, but I am absolutely amazed at how well it works. They simply don’t come near them anymore.” – Gail H., Montana

The environmentally friendly way to deter deer, varmints, and other invasive animals from destroying valuable plants and flowers in your yard and garden.

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