Copenhagen - Castle Pot
Copenhagen - Castle Pot Elizabeth The Queen La Petite Française The Roman Rope Italian Pottery Italian Pottery Left to right The Castle Pot, The Queen, La Petite Française Italian pot saucer

Italian Pottery

Crafted in a small village near Lucca in Tuscany, these beautiful pots were inspired by classic designs and historical elements of Europe.

– Copenhagen – Castle Pot – This pots resembles a pot made at the royal castle of Fredensborg in Denmark in 1860.

– Elizabeth – The Queen – Only a pot loaded with beauty and elegance could earn the name ‘Elizabeth-The Queen.’ Gothic arches decorate its sides, whose regal shapes form a bold crown when the pot is turned on its head.

– Simona – La Petite FrançaiseFirst created in Paris’ Latin Quarter, this romantic pot was popular with Parisians in the mid-1800s.

– Emilia – The Roman Rope – The signature rope edge on this slender pot is inspired by the Roman Empire. Since 1800, it has been produced in the city of Modena in the Emilia-Romagna region of Tuscany. Today our pots are produced in Tuscany as well, using time-honored techniques.

Pots come in three sizes small, medium and large. Pots are available in two colors, rosa and gray. The measurements listed here are approximations as exact sizes vary by design. Small Pot: 5-6 ”h, 4-6”d, Medium Pot: 6-7”h, 5-7”d, Large Pot: 7-9”h, 7-9”d.

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