Hydrangea Incrediball, Smooth Hydrangea
Hydrangea Incrediball, Smooth Hydrangea Hydrangea Incrediball landscape Hydrangea Incrediball winter landscape

Hydrangea Incrediball, Smooth Hydrangea

A new and improved Annabelle Hydrangea, ‘Incrediball’ Hydrangea boasts strong, beefy stems and gargantuan blooms. The breeding goal was stronger stems to eliminate flop, but all were amazed to see incredibly large blooms too!  Each ivory white flower head has roughly 4 times as many flowers as ‘Annabelle,’ creating a blossom as large as a basketball.  Its strong stems hold the massive flowers up, even in heavy rain.  Absolutely spectacular in the garden and the vase.  In the fall the blossoms transform to deep chartreuse, creating another dramatic sight.  The long-lasting dried flower balls last well into late winter on the shrub or for months more in home arrangements.  Shrubs grow 4-5 feet tall.

Plant in part shade to full shade. Although tolerant of full sun, due to its large flowers and foliage shrubs will need considerable water in full sun. ‘Incrediball’ blooms on new wood and should be cut back in late winter or early spring.

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