Hibiscus Sugar Tip
Hibiscus Sugar Tip Hibiscus Sugar Tip, Rose of Sharon, closeup Hibiscus Sugar Tip, Rose of Sharon, pot Hibiscus Sugar Tip, Rose of Sharon, landscape

Hibiscus Sugar Tip, Rose of Sharon

Like cotton candy on a stick, ‘Sugar Tip’ Hibiscus’ brings its fluffy pink flowers all summer through fall. This sweetheart’s brightly variegated creamy-white and bluish-green foliage adds more fun to the festive plant.

Due to ‘Sugar Tip’ Hibiscus’ incredibly long bloom time, it makes a spectacular display as a single, specimen plant and works well alone in flower beds and containers. Use it as a showy hedge or use it in mass in large beds, or anywhere you want the blooming ability of annuals but don’t want to replant every year.

It easily grows in full sun and is adaptable to most soils, it works well in rain gardens. Deer resistant and attracts butterflies. Although pruning is not necessary, it can be heavily pruned in late winter or early spring. A non-invasive variety that does not reseed. Award winner. Proven Winner.

Plant in soil that has been amended with organic matter in full sun. Although a tough plant tolerant of dry periods, for best blooming give good soakings during dry spells, and even better, keep consistently watered.

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