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 For the safety of our staff and our beloved community the nursery is temporarily closed for in-house sales. We are accepting orders for curbside pickup. 

Garden Goods

Here at Sugar Creek we have all that you need to create a successful garden, beautiful container or outdoor haven.

You’ll find the right tools, highest quality soils, organic fertilizers with the finest ingredients, along with health-supporting products for your gardens to flourish.

Discover hundreds of unique pots and containers in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. Fanciful wrought iron trellises, obelisks and other plant supports are always on hand. The Gift Shop offers a wide selection of fun and whimsical gifts for your gardener. You’ll also find an extensive selection of fairy and miniature gardening ornaments.

A few of our favorite products

Soil Knife

A Million Garden Tools In One

Soil Knife Jean Garden Goods

Okay, maybe not a million but certainly tons. Our favorite #1 tool, the incredible soil knife.

  • Plant bulbs and flowers

  • Divide Perennials

  • Dig out weeds

  • Saw through roots

  • Prepare furrows for seeding

  • Chop greens off root vegetables

  • Cut twine

  • Cut twigs and small branches

  • Stainless steel, won’t rust

  • Orange handle makes it easy to find

Lifetime guarantee!

Deers and Bunnies


Repellex Garden GoodsAnimals find their tastiest foods inedible!

NO, YOU’RE NOT DREAMING. Your years of gardening heartache and animal-browsing damage are over.

Repellex is a tablet that you poke in the soil at the base of the plant you want to protect. Its secret ingredient – a hot pepper concentrate – is absorbed into the plant, making it inedible to animals. INEDIBLE!

On top of that, one tablet lasts an entire season and won’t wash off the plant. Plus no stinky sprays to deal with.

That’s right – bunny- and deer-proof plants!

Now you too can enjoy Coneflowers, Hostas, Phlox, Asters, Black-Eyed Susans and more.


Ooh, he’s scary! The deer and bunnies think so too

Kojo Coyote Garden GoodsKojo the Coyote

Meet Kojo, a polyester pet that will scare off deer, bunnies and other varmint without dangerous chemicals or poison. A super realistic photo on durable fabric, Kojo looks alive, fooling even the sliest of animals. Simply place Kojo in a visible location near your prized beauties and it will protect that area.

  • Deters deer and other invasive animals from eating valuable plants and gardens

  • Repels geese from lakes, yards and pond banks

  • Superior photo realistic quality

  • Durable polyester fabric – withstands weathering, rain and snow

  • Photo on no-shine, tear-resistant fabric supported with fiberglass poles with steel step stakes

What Kojo owners have to say:

We recently visited a large southern botanical garden protected by Kojo. The staff proudly told us that Kojo has been highly effective deterring deer. They also shared for best results Kojo should be moved around occasionally.

“I bought a Kojo in hopes that it would at least slow down how fast the deer were destroying my flowers, but I am absolutely amazed at how well it works. They simply don’t come near them anymore.” – Gail H., Montana

The environmentally friendly way to deter deer, varmints, and other invasive animals from destroying valuable plants and flowers in your yard and garden.