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Find the Best Plants, Perennials and Shrubs for St. Louis

Here you will find a sampling of the best plants for St. Louis. With the vast amounts of plants available, making selections can be daunting. We’ve done your homework for you. Over the years we have grown and observed thousands of plants here at our St. Louis nursery, and believe these plants are some of the best perennials and shrubs for St. Louis. The plants listed her all possess exceptional qualities, have proven to thrive in the St. Louis area, and come highly recommended. They are easy to grow and make a good start for beginning gardeners.

Some of these plants make spectacular displays as single, specimen plants and work well alone in flower beds and containers. Returning year after year, some of the top perennials and shrubs have the powerhouse blooming ability of annuals, yet they don’t have to be replanted each spring. They work fantastic planted in mass, replacing annuals in large beds.

Use these top plants in flower beds, as edgers, in containers, and cutting and pollinator gardens. They have proven themselves in the landscape and in test gardens across the county, and most importantly, here in the St. Louis area. This is just a sampling of the many outstanding plants available, we’d be delighted to share more with you, please ask. Read on to find a few of the best plants for St. Louis area gardens.


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