Eggplant Fairy Tale
Eggplant Fairy Tale Eggplant Fairy Tale Eggplant Fairy Tale

Eggplant Fairy Tale

One of the first Eggplants of the season to savor, Fairy Tale enchants us with its adorable tiny, delicious purple fruits that are marbled with white. The fruits form in clusters and grow about 4-5″ long and 1″ wide. Fairy Tales are less seedy than their big Italian cousins and lack their bitterness. To delight and fascinate your guests, put a few in pots on your patio.

Plant Fairy Tale Eggplants in full sun, in soil that has been amended with organic matter. Turn soil over. Add fertilizer, following manufacturer’s directions, we prefer Espoma Organic Garden-tone, an all-natural choice formulated specifically for vegetable gardens. Plant 2-3′ apart. Mulch to retain soil moisture, keep weeds to a minimum and maintain even soil temperatures. Plants need 1-2″ of water a week.

Harvest your Fairy Tale Eggplants when they are 4-5″ long. The fruits should be firm with a glossy shine. Eggplant’s skin will turn dull and brown if overripe and its flavor may turn bitter. Some gardeners prefer to harvest when the petite eggplants are only 2-3″ long.

Winner of the prestigious All America Selections award. AAS is an independent, nonprofit organization that tests new varieties and introduces what it considers to be the best garden performers as AAS winners. AAS winners have proven themselves exceptional varieties over a broad range of growing conditions.



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Pests and Disease. Solanaceae crops–eggplants, tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers–are susceptible to diseases including Verticillium wilt. Avoid these problems by planting resistant cultivars and rotating with non-Solanaceae crops. Pests of Eggplant include flea beetles, tomato hornworms, Colorado potato beetles and cutworms. Diatomaceous earth is a good, organic, non-harmful choice to eradicate flea beetles. We use Garden Safe Crawling Insect Killer.
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