Cretan Brake Fern, Pteris cretica
Cretan Brake Fern, Pteris cretica Cretan Brake Fern, Pteris cretica

Cretan Brake Fern, Pteris cretica

Brighten up your dark corners with the colorful Cretan Brake Fern, Pteris cretica. It features graceful evergreen fronds highlighted with white and silver.

It works fantastic as a houseplant indoors or outdoors as a stand alone specimen, or it can be added to mixed seasonal containers. Easy to grow, it tolerates low light or bright indirect light.

Plant in well-draining, good potting soil. Fertilize plant when it is actively growing, usually April through Aug, following fertilizer manufacturer’s directions. Water plant consistently keeping soil moist. Plant will require less water during fall and winter months. Cretan Brake Fern likes humidity. To add humidity, place plant on a bed of wet pebbles or mist occasionally. This plant prefers warm temperatures and should not be moved outdoors until night temperatures are at lease 60 degrees or more. Try not to knock or touch this plant as it may bruise the foliage. Plants can be pruned back to encourage new grown and to keep plants neat. To rejuvenate the whole plant, cut back fronds to the base of the plant.

Additional Information

Botanical Name

Pteris cretica

Common Name

Cretan Brake Fern

Bloom Time


Foliage Color

Green, Silver, White

Light Requirements

Bright indirect light, shield from direct sun, Part Shade, Shade






Accent, Air Purifying, Containers, Evergreen, Houseplant, Specimen

Water Needs



Moist, Rich, Well Drained



Plant Type

Annual, Houseplant