Buxus Green Mountain Boxwood
Buxus Green Mountain Boxwood Green Mountain Boxwood topiary, Buxus Buxus Green Mountain, Boxwood Topiary

Buxus Green Mountain, Boxwood

A beautiful and graceful shrub, Green Mountain Boxwood’s, Buxus, evergreen foliage emerges pale green before maturing to a shiny deep green. Over time forms an almost perfect Christmas tree shape. Great used in containers, as a formal hedge, for topiaries, or where a smaller accent is needed. Inconspicuous yellow flowers bloom in spring. Shrubs grow 5′ tall and 3-4′ wide. Easy to grow, deer resistant.

Green Mountain is very adaptable to many different light conditions from full sun to nearly full shade. Ideally, it prefers morning and early afternoon sun, with a break from the hot afternoon sun, or dappled light under trees.

Plant in full sun to part shade, in well-drained soil. 

Pruning should be done after the last frost date. Many say around April 15 is best. Green Mountain’s natural pyramidal form looks great without any pruning. Green Mountain can easily be pruned into pom-poms, poodles, balls and other forms of topiaries. 



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