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Greetings. While working in my garden I was struck by the indescribable magic some plants possess. These plants enchant our flower beds, turning ordinary gardens into awe-inspiring sanctuaries. I would like to share these with you and hope you enjoy these wonders as much as I do. Read on to see a few of these beauties.


Gardening Friends, you may notice a few changes here at Sugar Creek. In our commitment to be good stewards to the Earth we are working on ways to promote a healthy environment. Certain pesticides have proven to be extremely harmful, disrupting the all important food chain. While we’ve always limited our use of insecticides in the nursery, we’ve gone a step further–we’ve made a commitment through the Missouri Prairie Foundation’s Grow Native program not to sell or use these products. So no big guns here, but you’ll find other alternatives to combat pests, please ask.

Abby Lapides Sugar Creek Gardens


To help ease the single use plastic problem we’ve changed our trunk liners from plastic to paper. They’ll keep your trunk clean, and can be recycled or composted. Either place in your recycle or compost bin, or even better, you can use them as an organic weed barrier and soil builder. Just place where you don’t want weeds and top with a bit of mulch or compost. They will naturally break down, enriching your soil. We’d be thrilled to hear what you think about these.


I wish you a bountiful and joyful gardening season!

Abby Lapides






Bring enchanting beauty to your garden with these exceptional perennials.


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    Native Plant of the Year 2020 Slender Mountain Mint


    A Pollinator Powerhouse

    A profuse blooming Missouri native perennial, Slender Mountain Mint, Pycnanthemum tenuifolium, explodes with multitudes of white flower clusters in mid to late summer and early fall. Its 2-3′ stems are covered with extremely narrow, almost needle-like leaves. A strong mint-like scent perfumes the air when any part of the plant is crushed. Makes a wonderful, fragrant cut flower. Attractive to butterflies, bees, birds and other pollinators. For a natural mosquito repellent, rub the leaves on your skin. Easy to grow in sunny locations.


    Callirhoe invoculata wincups native plant of the year





    Best perennials, shrubs, tree and annuals for st louis missouri 

    From the thousands of perennials grown some stand above the rest. These plants have pushed the boundaries with almost the extreme flowering of annuals, but with the low maintenance, disease and pest resistance, and drought tolerance of perennials. They have proven themselves in the landscape and in test gardens around the county. Read on to see top plants for 2020.


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    Sugar Bucks


    Sugar Bucks replace our reward Pansy Dollars. Sugar Bucks are earned all year. One Sugar Buck is earned for every 10 U.S. dollars spent. Sugar Bucks can be redeemed for up to 1/2 off during Garden Reward days.

    Callirhoe invoculata wincups native plant of the year



    Best new perennials for St Louis Missouri


    One of the best parts of my job is to be on the lookout for new plants.  I visit trial and display gardens located at botanical gardens, nurseries, and universities throughout the country. Seeing with my own eyes how the plants actually grow and bloom has proven to be a top way to select the superior performers. My close relationships with industry experts also keeps me informed of the very best. Read on to see a sampling of the remarkable treasures I know you’ll love.


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    Hosta Dancing Queen 2020 Hosta of the Year



      Liriope NoMo


    A fantastic, low maintenance lawn alternative, ‘NoMo’ Lily Turf, Liriope, gives you all the luxury of a fine lawn with out all the mowing, fertilizing, and watering. Its fine textured, emerald green grass-like leaves only grow 3-6″ tall. Engineered to act just like a lawn grass, it tolerates foot traffic, pets, kids playing, and other activities. Once established, ‘NoMo’ needs little if any care.


    Callirhoe invoculata wincups native plant of the year




    Best vegetable plants st louis missouri


    Mighty Mato St Louis Missouri 

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    Pepper red bell mighty veggie




    Find the Best Plants, Perennials and Shrubs in St. Louis

    For those of you just meeting us, we are a St. Louis plant nursery and garden center specializing in the best perennials, shrubs, annuals and Missouri native plants for St. Louis. But we adore all plants, and carry as many varieties as can fit in the nursery. Explore this website to learn more about these wonderful plants and how to care for them.


    Take the guess work out of plant selection with our Reference Guide and Plant Guides. Here you will find images, plant descriptions, and growing instructions for the best plants for St. Louis. With the vast amounts of plants available, making selections can be daunting. We’ve done your homework for you. Over the years we have grown and observed thousands of plants here in our St. Louis nursery, in our own St. Louis gardens, and at public and trial gardens. We visit trial and display gardens located at botanical gardens, nurseries, and universities throughout the country. Seeing with our own eyes how the plants actually grow and bloom has proven to be a top way to select the superior performers. Our close relationships with industry experts also keeps us informed of the very best. You’ll discover: the Best Perennials for St. Louis >>>, the Best Trees and Shrubs for St. Louis >>>, the Best Missouri Native Plants for St. Louis >>>, the Best Annuals for St. Louis >>>, the best Ferns for St. Louis >>>, the best Grasses for St. Louis >>>, the Best Edibles for St. Louis >>>, the Best Vines for St. Louis >>>, the Best Houseplants for St. Louis >>>, and more. This is just a sampling of the many outstanding plants we carry, we’d be delighted to share more with you, please ask. To see all the plants visit see our Reference Guide. For specific garden uses and helpful growing tips visit our Plant Guides.   





    You found it! The secret code words are

    Peter Cotton Tail Yarrow, Achillea

       Visit Sugar Creek, tell the secret code words to a sales associate at checkout, and you will receive a FREE GARDEN GIFT. Offer good with any $10 or more purchase. Limit one time only, one per family. Offer expires December 23, 2020.


    Achillea Peter Cottontail, Yarrow


    ‘Peter Cottontail’ Yarrow, Achillea


    Here’s a bunny you can love. A super bloomer and super cute ‘Peter Cottontail’ Yarrow, Achillea, brings adorable fluffy white flowers that look like little bunny tails. They appear over a long-time on low mounds of ferny green foliage. Its flowers first appear in early summer and continue into fall. This perennial matures to a well-behaved mound 18″ tall and 28″ wide. Read more about ‘Peter Cottontail’ Yarrow here >>>


    See more Perennial Plants for St. Louis Area Gardens here >>>