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Best Perennial Plants for St. Louis Sun Gardens

With the vast amounts of perennials available, making selections can be daunting. We’ve done your homework for you. Over the years we have grown and observed thousands of perennials here at our St. Louis nursery, and we believe these plants are some of the best perennials for St. Louis sun gardens. The perennials plants listed her all possess exceptional qualities, and have proven to thrive in the St. Louis area.

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    The perennials listed here prefer full sun to part shade. Adding a shovelful or two of compost when planting these beauties will encourage good root growth and more flowering.

    The ‘New Vintage’ Yarrow series brings colorful blossoms that are great cut. Prune ‘New Vintage’ Yarrow after flowering to encourage more blossoms. An important plant for butterflies and other pollinators, Butterfly Milkweed is a host plant for Monarch Butterflies. ‘Caramia’ Salvia works well as an edger for perennial beds, walkways, or anywhere a neat and tidy look is wanted. ‘American Gold Rush’ Black Eyed Susan and ‘Sombrero Baja Burgundy’ have won the top honors from All American Selections for their beautiful flowers and exceptional habit. Their outstanding blooming power almost rivals many annuals. Use them where you don’t want to replant year after year.

    ‘Holy Grail’ Hibiscus makes a spectacular specimen or showy hedge. For a strong color contrast set its deep red with the bright yellows of ‘Super Star’ Tickseed, or the beloved Missouri native Missouri Evening Primrose.

    For blue to purple blossoms from spring until frost plant ‘Rozanne’ Geranium,  ‘Peachie’s Pick’ Cornflower Aster for summer blooms, and ‘Purple Dome’ Aster, a later bloomer whose perfect mound shaped foliage is completely covered with blossoms.

    A few other favorite perennials for sun include: Blue Star Kalimeris, Hollyhock Alcea, Russian Sage Perovskia.and the list goes on and on. Visit our Perennial Reference Guide for more suggestions.

    Although many of these plants are drought tolerant, for best flowering give good soakings during dry spells. Most of these plants will continue to bloom without deadheading, but for maximum blooming clip off spent blossoms before the plants start to go to seed. You’ll want all the plants’ energy to go into making more flowers.

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