Bulbs for bees and butterflies
Bulbs for bees and butterflies Anemone Blue Shades Hyacinth Blue Delft Allium caeruleum, Blue Globe Onion Muscari armeniacum, Grape Hyacinth

Bees & Butterflies 50 Flower Bulb Collection

Months of Pollinator Nutrition

Feed bees and butterflies for months, and you’ll be enjoying months of beautiful flowers. Each kit contains:

  • 15 ‘Blue Shades’ Anemone. 6″ tall stems bring pretty blue daily-like flowers in early spring. Zone 5-8. Plant bulbs 2″ deep, 15 per square foot.

  • 3 ‘Delft Blue’ Hyacinth, Hyacinthus. One of the few true blue flowers in nature. Its 10″ tall rich blue flowers bring heady perfume and intense color to the landscape and containers in mid spring. Zone 4-8. Plant 4″ deep, 4″ apart.

  • 7 Blue Globe Onion, Allium (Azureum) caeruleum. Blue balls top tall 24″ tall stems in very late spring. Deer resistant. Zone 4-8. Plant 2″ deep and 2″ apart.

  • 25 Grape Hyacinth, Muscari armeniacum. 20-40 royal blue plump flowers surround each 6-9″ tall flower stem. Each flower has a thin white line around the rim. The blossoms look like an upside-down bunch of grapes. Plants go dormant in late spring. In fall plants wake up and leaves again appear. Leaves survive the cold St. Louis winter, then burst into flower in early spring. Fragrant, good cut, deer resistant. Zone 4-8. Plant 3″ deep, 3″ apart.

Plant bulbs in soil that has been amended with organic matter and add a handful or so of bulb fertilizer, following manufacturer’s instructions. Plant bulbs at recommended depth in full sun to light shade. Part shade will keep the flowers looking better longer. Keep soil moist to encourage root formation.

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Spring-flowering bulbs and perennials are the first, welcome food source for insects. Bees, butterflies and other pollinators need pollen and nectar from early spring until late fall. By planting this flower bulb mixture in your garden or in containers on your patio, from early spring into summer you’ll be providing bumblebees, bees, and butterflies with healthy food.

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