Bee Hotel and Crocus mix
Crocus for bees and butterflies

Bee Hotel with Crocus Mix

Contains flower bulbs that attract bees and bumblebees!

The Bee & Bumblebee Hotel is the perfect hang out for bees and bumblebees! Just make sure you place the hotel near the flowers that provide nectar and pollen, so that the bees and bumblebees do not have to travel too far to fill up. The Hotel contains 25 large flowered Crocus bulbs in a wide range of colors–yellow, white, purple, and violet. Crocus provide an important early food source for bees and bumblebees.

Plant bulbs in soil that has been amended with organic matter and add a handful or so of bulb fertilizer, following manufacturer’s instructions. Plant bulbs 5″ deep and 2″ apart in full sun to light shade. Part shade will keep the flowers looking better longer. Keep soil moist to encourage root formation.

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Spring-flowering bulbs and perennials are the first, welcome food source for insects. Bees, butterflies and other pollinators need pollen and nectar from early spring until late fall. By planting this flower bulb mixture in your garden or in containers on your patio you’ll be providing bumblebees, bees, and butterflies with healthy food.

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