Andropogon gerardii, Big Blue Stem
Andropogon gerardii, Big Blue Stem Andropogon gerardii, Big Blue Stem flower Andropogon gerardii, Big Blue Stem 2 Andropogon gerardii, Big Blue Stem, line drawing

Andropogon gerardii, Big Bluestem Grass

A majestic Missouri native grass, Big Blue Stem, Andropogon gerardii, filled the tallgrass prairies of the Midwest. Its attractive foliage changes colors throughout the growing season making it beautiful choice as an ornamental grass. Its leaf blades emerge bluish-gray in spring, transform to green with red tinges in summer, then turn reddish-bronze with purple tones in fall. Its purplish 3-part flowers that resemble turkey feet appear on tall 4-6′ stems that rise in late summer above the clump. Deer resistant.

Big Blue Stem looks gorgeous in natural settings and wildflower gardens. In formal plantings it can be used as a screen or accent.

Plant in full sun. Easy to grow in well drained soils. It grows well in poor soils. Although drought tolerant, keep well watered until established. Cut plants to the ground in late winter.

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