Achillea Peter Cottontail, Yarrow

Achillea Peter Cottontail, Yarrow

Here’s a bunny you can love. A super bloomer and super cute ‘Peter Cottontail’ Yarrow, Achillea, brings adorable fluffy white flowers that look like little bunny tails. They appear over a long-time on low mounds of ferny green foliage. Its flowers first appear in early summer and continue into fall. This perennial matures to a well-behaved mound 18″ tall and 28″ wide.

Achillea provides nectar for bees and butterflies. Deer and bunnies won’t touch its delightfully scented foliage. Its long-blooming habit makes it ideal for perennial beds, cottage gardens, pollinator gardens, or as a mounding groundcover. ‘Peter Cottontail’s’ flowers make excellent cut and dried arrangements. Its ornamental foliage always looks good. ‘Peter Cottontail’ Yarrow makes a wonderful companion to ornamental grasses, Coneflowers and Russian Sage. Deer and rabbit leave it alone. It is very easy to grow and not fussy about soil, even tolerating poor soil, rocky soil.

Plant in full sun in well-draining soil. Although it is tolerant of drought and dry soil, Yarrow benefits from good soakings during dry spells, and will bloom best with consistent moisture. Cutting back spent flowers will encourage more flowering. Keep fertilizing to a minimum as too much can lead to excessive foliage that flops.

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