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When it’s drab outside, Lenten Rose saves the day (and the garden)

My garden is brown, brown, brown — loaded with dead leaves, fallen twigs, and the bones of last year’s weeds. In the middle of all this BLAH are the most beautiful magenta flowers — the Lenten Rose.
This long-lived perennial is a must-have if you’re looking for a flower that gives you winter/spring punch. Its foliage is evergreen, not tasty to deer or rabbits, and it blooms in later winter and early spring, sometimes with snow on the ground!
Flowers come in lots of colors: white, pink, magenta, apricot, and yellow. Blooms are single-petaled, double, frilly, or simple. It likes rich soil, some shade, and a spot by the door where you can see it when you’re dashing in and out of the cold.
Right now, Sugar Creek Gardens has a ton of different varieties to select from.
Happy gardening,