Rosella Purple super dwarf patio tomato

Tomato Rosella Purple, Super Dwarf Patio Tomato

Rosella Purple provides intensely flavorful fruit that rivals the top favorite Cherokee Purple, but on dwarf 3-4′ tall plants.  Easy-to-care-for sturdy, productive tomatoes, its fruit features a rich deep purple exterior and rich crimson interior. Its complex flavor is the perfect combination of sweet and tart. Rosella Purple’s 6-12 oz. fruit is adored for its dense, juicy texture. Fantastic in salads, sandwiches, salsas, sliced with a touch of basil, or on its own. 

Ideal where space is limited, these wonders will produce full-size fruit on manageable-size plants in small-space gardens or patio containers. Being indeterminate, they continue to produce their delicious fruit all season. Continual production, small-sized plants and tasty fruit…dwarfs in size, but giants in performance. Indeterminate, 58 days.

Super Dwarfs Patio TomatoesA member of the Super Dwarfs, a collection of dwarf patio tomatoes that combines the best attributes of determinant plants’ small growth habit and indeterminants’ continual fruit production. These tomatoes exhibit super performance and rich flavor.

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Product Description

Super Dwarfs Tomatoes

Additional Information

Botanical Name

Solanum Rosella Purple

Common Name

Patio Tomato, Tomato

Bloom Color


Bloom Time

Summer, Fall

Foliage Color


Light Requirements







Edible, Fruit, Beds, Containers


Average, Rich

Water Needs

Average, Consistent

Plant Type

Edible, Vegetable