Strawberry Delizz
Strawberry Delizz

Strawberry Delizz

The first and only strawberry to win the prestigious All-American Selection Award. Loaded with outstanding qualities, Delizz Strawberries produce an abundance of plump fruit throughout the summer. Each sweet 1-1.5″ strawberry is packed with delicious flavor, perfect for jams, deserts, and snacking. The plants grow in a lovely, uniform, compact habit, making them ideal for flower gardens, containers, and hanging baskets.

Being a day-neutral strawberry, it produces fruits all season long, beginning in early summer, with fruiting continuing through August. Even hot weather won’t slow down the bumper crop of berries.

Delizz Strawberries can also be grown indoors in a sunny window and will yield tasty fruit up to four weeks. To encourage more fruiting, the strawberries should be harvested often.

AAS is an independent, nonprofit organization that tests new varieties and introduces what it considers to be the best performing garden plants as AAS winners. AAS winners have proven themselves to exceptional varieties over a broad range of growing conditions.

Additional Information

Botanical Name

Fragaria Delizz

Common Name


Bloom Color


Bloom Time


Foliage Color


Light Requirements







Beds, Containers


Average, Rich, Well Drained

Water Needs

Average, Consistent



Plant Type

Annual, Edible, Fruits and Berries

Growing Instructions

Plant strawberries in well-drained, loose soil that has been amended with organic mater. They may also be planted in containers. Mulch to help keep water in the soil, and weeds down. Fertilizer should be applied in spring, before plants flower, then again in early fall. Do not fertilize plants while they are blooming and fruiting. For best results, keep well watered.