Grape Pixie
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Pixie Grape Pinot Meunier Purple

Grow miniature clusters of grapes right on your windowsill or kitchen table year round!

With Pixie Grapes, expect the perfect patio plant with miniature grape clusters and continual fruiting. Pixie Grapes only grow 14-20″ tall and 8-12″ wide. Though it can be grown in the ground, it thrives in containers indoors and out. You can use it as a houseplant that can be grown outside for the summer then brought inside for the winter where it will continue to produce miniature clusters of grapes all year long. The purple fruits have few seeds and a delicious sweet-tart flavor that can be enjoyed fresh from the vine or used as a garnish.

Pinot Meunier matures to a nice, upright, full plant. Some anthocyanin in petioles and stem, with wrinkled green leaves. Sets tendrils with purple sweet grapes with few seeds.

Pixie Grapes’ petite size makes them ideal for patio pots and miniature or fairy gardening.

This variety of grape is typically used to produce champagne or wine and can be enjoyed fresh, or used as a simple garnish. It has a sweet, tart flavor.

Additional Information

Botanical Name

Vitis vinifera Pixie Pinot Meunier Purple

Common Name


Bloom Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Foliage Color


Light Requirements







Beds, Containers


Moist, Rich

Water Needs




Plant Type

Edible, Perennial

Growing Instructions

For best results, keep plants well watered and fertilized. Stop fertilizing in midsummer to ripen fruit. In winter remove shoots from that summer’s growth, leaving two branches. Hardy in the ground. If left in containers over winter place in a protected location where its roots will be sheltered from harsh winds and low wind chills.