Hydrangea Invincibelle Wee White
Hydrangea Invincibelle Wee WhiteHydrangea Invincibelle Wee WhiteHydrangea Invincibelle Wee WhiteHydrangea Invincibelle Wee White

Hydrangea Invincibelle Wee White, Smooth Hydrangea

A ground breaking wonder, Invincibelle Wee White Hydrangea is the first dwarf Annabelle type Hydrangea in the world! This cute little landscape plant ensures that you will enjoy the reliability, low-maintenance, and season-long beauty of Hydrangeas. It reaches just 1-2.5′ tall and wide, and naturally grows as a tidy, rounded mound. Each pure-white flower is held up on a strong, supportive stem for a display that looks more like a bouquet of flowers than a landscape plant.

Blooming begins in early summer and continues through frost, with new flowers appearing the whole time. Its petite size makes them perfect for small hedges, naturalizing, rain gardens, foundation plantings, edging for walkways, perennial and cutting gardens, and patio pots. Attractive to butterflies, birds and other pollinators. Its parents are the beloved Missouri native Smooth Hydrangea, Hydrangea arborescens.

Guaranteed to bloom! Since it only blooms on new wood you won’t have to worry if we get a late frost that kills buds, or pruning at the wrong time. You’ll enjoy its beautiful blossoms long after it has finished blooming as the flowers last for months indoors as dried flowers, or outside on the shrubs. The blooms start white and age to shades of green and pink. Very hardy and reliable due to its Smooth Hydrangea parentage, it tolerates heat, high humidity, and wet soils. Wee White Hydrangea adapts to most soils. Winner of the 2018 Direct Gardening Association Green Thumb award. A member of Proven Winners, a group of plants selected for many outstanding qualities.

Plant in sun to part shade in average to rich soil. Although drought tolerant, for best bloom give consistent moisture.

Fertilize in spring with a fertilizer recommended for shrubs, follow manufacturer’s directions.

Pruning. Smooth Hydrangeas should be pruned in early spring, just as the new growth begins to emerge on the stems. Cut the entire plant back by about one-third its total height. This serves to build up a strong woody base while also encouraging vigorous new growth with many flowers.

Additional Information

Botanical Name

Hydrangea arborescens Wee White, Hydrangea Invincibelle Wee White

Common Name

Smooth Hydrangea

Bloom Color


Bloom Time

Summer, Fall

Foliage Color


Light Requirements

Part Shade, Shade, Sun






Accent, Beds, Containers, Cut Flower, Dried Flower, Erosion Control, Hedge, Mass Plantings, Rain Gardens, Specimen, Woodland Gardens


Erosion, Rabbit


Average, Moist, Rich

Water Needs

Average, Consistent



Plant Type