Hyacinth Blue Jacket

Hyacinth Blue Jacket

Hang on to your head–Blue Jacket Hyacinth will blue your mind.  One of the few true blue flowers in nature. Its rich blue flower stalks loaded with a heady perfume bring intense color to the landscape and containers. Blue Jacket’s deliciously fragrant blossoms appear in early spring and grow 6-12″ tall. Rabbit and deer resistant.

Plant bulbs in soil that has been amended with organic matter and a handful or so of bulb fertilizer, following manufacturer’s instructions. Plant bulbs 4-6″ deep and 4-6″ apart, about 3-4 a square foot. Plant in full sun to light shade. Part shade will keep the flowers looking better longer. Keep soil moist to encourage root formation.

Fertilize again in early spring, before flowering. After flowering remove spent flower stalks to stop any seed production. Until plants go dormant, you’ll want to keep the bulbs moist to encourage bulb growth for next year’s flowers.

Forcing Hyacinth – Hyacinth can easily be forced for timed displays. They bloom about 6 weeks after being planted.

  1. Chill bulbs in cool area (40-48 F) or your refrigerator for ideally 8-12 weeks, but at least 5 weeks, keeping them away from any produce.
  2. Bulbs can be grow in gravel, soil or bulb vases with just water. If using a bud vase, fill the bottom with water, then place the bulb on top where its base barely touches the water.
  3. Place in a north-facing window, or out of direct sun and turn the plants occasionally to keep them upright.
  4. After flowering, these bulbs are usually spent, and should be composted.

Additional Information

Botanical Name

Hyacinthus orientalis Blue Jacket

Common Name


Bloom Color


Bloom Time

Early Spring, Spring

Foliage Color


Light Requirements

Part Shade, Sun






Forcing Bulb, Beds, Containers, Cut Flower, Fragrant


Black Walnut, Deer, Rabbit


Average, Moist, Well Drained

Water Needs

Average, Consistent



Plant Type

Bulb, Perennial