Bletilla striata Albostriata, Chinese Ground Orchid

Bletilla Albostriata, Chinese Ground Orchid

Grow Orchids in your own back yard with Albostriata Chinese Ground Orchid. A hard to find variety, this delight has deep purple flowers and white edged, sword-shaped foliage. In spring to early summer elegant purple orchids on wiry stems appear. Adding to its appeal is its thick, arching leaves that are pleated, looking very similar to the juvenile leaves of many palm species. Its delicate blossoms are sweetly scented, and like many orchids, lovely cut flowers.

A beautiful orchid that is hardy and reasonably easy to grow given rich soil and adequate moisture. Stunning in woodland settings. Their rhizomes will multiply over the years, making lovely colonies.

Plant in part shade locations in well-drained soil that has been amended with organic mater. For best results, keep evenly moist. Protect plants from bitter cold with a deep layer of mulch added by mid November or later, when the ground is beginning to freeze.

Additional Information

Botanical Name

Bletilla striata Albostriata

Common Name

Chinese Ground Orchid

Bloom Time

Spring, Early Summer

Foliage Color

Green, White

Light Requirements

Part Shade






Beds, Containers, Cut Flower, Fragrant, Woodland Gardens


Moist, Rich

Water Needs

Average, Consistent



Plant Type