Behind The Garden Leaves
Behind The Garden Leaves

Behind The Garden Leaves by Pete Broeder

Inspired by the creatures the St. Louis author found over the years in his own garden with the help of his two young sons

Through rich, colorful drawings and descriptive verse, children lean about living things in the wilds of their own backyards. Written and illustrated by St. Louis, Missouri native Pete Boeder.

Behind the garden leaves is a world you won’t believe with exciting creatures galore. Get down on the ground. Terrestrial beings abound, all waiting for you to explore.


Product Description

Pete Broeder


Pete Broeder is an artist and graphic designer who’s career has been spent as an advertising artist and creative director. Raised in St. Louis, he studied art and business at Utah State University. Pete has lived in Glendale, Missouri for many years with his wife and two sons and is very active in his community with the Kirkwood Rotary, school district and library. 

Pete is an avid fly-fisherman and sings and plays the banjo in a bluegrass band. He enjoys the outdoors and has written and illustrated two books thus far: Behind the Garden Leaves which describes the creatures living in your own back yard, and The Forest Wakes Up which recounts his experiences of being in the Missouri woods.