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Why St. Louis Gardeners Should Mulch

Mulch framedMy mountain of leaf mulch was delivered yesterday. If my garden was a more manageable size, I would definitely use Cotton Burr Compost as a top dressing (I know some of the gardeners at Sugar Creek do).

Here’s more info about Cotton Burr, straight from the company’s website:

Cotton burrs are rich in carbon and protein. They also contain significant amounts of plant macro and micro nutrients. When composted, cotton burrs are a superior food source for beneficial soil organisms. In Nature, it is those organisms that convert nutrients in soil to a form plants can use, aerate the soil, and keep harmful diseases and organisms in check. In short, Back to Nature Cotton Burr Compost and Blends are unmatched when it comes to conditioning your soil.

Why mulching is important: it helps with weed control, keeps soil from drying out as quickly in the heat of summer, and enriches the soil as it decomposes.

Mulch — your garden will thank you! 


When it’s drab outside, Lenten Rose saves the day (and the garden)

My garden is brown, brown, brown — loaded with dead leaves, fallen twigs, and the bones of last year’s weeds. In the middle of all this BLAH are the most beautiful magenta flowers — the Lenten Rose.
This long-lived perennial is a must-have if you’re looking for a flower that gives you winter/spring punch. Its foliage is evergreen, not tasty to deer or rabbits, and it blooms in later winter and early spring, sometimes with snow on the ground!
Flowers come in lots of colors: white, pink, magenta, apricot, and yellow. Blooms are single-petaled, double, frilly, or simple. It likes rich soil, some shade, and a spot by the door where you can see it when you’re dashing in and out of the cold.
Right now, Sugar Creek Gardens has a ton of different varieties to select from.
Happy gardening,

It’s Easter In The Fairy Garden

My fairy gardens have been dormant over the winter months. After Christmas, I put away the decorations and hibernate until spring.
So here we are — ready for Easter! I had enough stuff that I had to debut TWO Easter fairy gardens, now enjoying the view from my front porch. Most of the fairy garden decor came from Sugar Creek Gardens’ own Fairy Garden Gift Shop (who can resist?), but much of the Easter-specific stuff I picked up from miniature-dollhouse stores online. The “teapot house” came from Goodwill for a buck!  The fairies love a bargain.
Mark your calenders for our free Fairy Gardening and Mini Landscaping talk at the nursery on Tuesday, May 12, 5:30 p.m.
Happy gardening!
P.S. Send us pictures of your fairy gardens — we’ll feature them on the Sugar Creek Gardens’ blog for others to enjoy and be inspired ( mailscg@aol.com).

Remember the ’70s with Tie Dye Clematis

Clematis Tie Dye, closeupWant to be taken back to the ’70s? You’ll be living peace, love and bell-bottoms when you eye our new Clematis Tie Dye. Its fun and zany 6″ blossoms of bright purple to pale lavender are streaked with white marbling. Vines first bloom on new wood beginning in early summer with a second flush of blossoms in early fall. A long blooming and profuse bloomer, it makes a stunning addition to gardens and striking cut flower arrangements. Tie Dye can grow 12′ tall. Prune back to 24″ in spring. Vines benefit from an application of fertilizer in spring.




The Most Fragrant Peony In The World

Paeonia Eden's Perfume, PeonyMany say Eden’s Perfume Peony is the world’s most fragrant Peony! Layers and layers of soft pink petals create exquisite blossoms with a spicy Damask Rose scent. Cherished for its intense fragrance and large 7″ flowers that are superior cut. Height 30”.

A delightful reward for being a Peony grower is their gorgeous cut flowers. Peonies are excellent plants that are easy to grow in full sun to part shade. Although Peonies prefer a sunny location, giving them a break from the hot afternoon sun will prolong their beautiful flowers. Peonies like a rich soil. Adding a shovelful or two of compost when planting will give you best results. Peonies must be planted at the correct depth to ensure flowering. Peony’s eyes should be 1 1/2″ – 2″ below soil level. Peonies are very long lived. They can be left alone, never needing to be divided.