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Expect a ton of oohs and ahs with Dancing Queen Amaryllis

Amaryllis Dancing QueenAs festive the most cheery holiday decorations, Dancing Queen Amaryllis brings massive blossoms of red and white. Each flower is loaded with layers of petals, each uniquely striped. It works beautifully to liven up holiday displays, as a stunning centerpiece, or as an elegant gift for your special friend or family member.

Amaryllis are easy to grow indoors, and can be grown on for years of blooms.

Read more here.




New Plant for 2016 – Georgia Pancake Creeping Blue Star, Amsonia

Amsonia ciliata var. filifolia, Georgia Pancake, Creeping Blue StarIt’s getting exciting!! The plant orders have been placed and the nursery soon will be filled with tons of babies. As we gear up for 2016 we will be sharing the new plants with you. We will be posting new plants on our blog. You’ll want to check it often, as you don’t want to miss a thing.

Georgia Pancake Creeping Blue Star, Amsonia comes to us from the sand hills of Georgia. Unlike the other Amsonia we carry, Creeping Blue star is a dwarf, only growing 6″ tall. It’s small stature and fantastic foliage make it ideal as a ground cover. Read more here.



Block Those Noisy Neighbors

Thuja Green Giant, Arborvitae, specimen, Missouri Botanical GardenFast growing evergreen screen to block unsightly views, noisy neighbors, or strong winds.

Green Giant Aborvitae, Thuja, has fast become a top selection due to its lush evergreen foliage and its vigorous, fast-growing growth, shooting up by as much as 3-4′ per year until maturity. An exceptional landscape tree, Green Giant makes an ideal choice for a dense screen or as a single specimen. Once established, it holds up to strong winds, and heavy ice and snow making it an effective natural windbreak. Read more here.





Top Ten Perennials for Fall Color

Gateway Gardener


As the days shorten and leaves on trees turn from verdant greens to brilliant yellows, oranges and reds, it can be easy to just look up. Read the article ‘Top 10 Fall Beauties!’ by Sugar Creek owner Abby Lapides in the latest edition of the Gateway Gardener to see the top perennial plants that will keep yours eyes glued down. Read it now.




Meet the First Dwarf Rose of Sharon, Lil’ Kim

Hibiscus Lil' Kim, Rose of Sharon


The first dwarf Rose of Sharon, Lil’ Kim Hibiscus tops out at 4′ tall. A unique little shrub with striking white flowers punctuated with showy red eyes. Extremely versatile, it works well in mixed containers, perennial gardens, as a low growing hedge, or around decks or entry gardens. A long bloomer, flowering begins in summer and continues through autumn. Read more here.