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Get ready to experience the most distinctive bloom you’ve ever seen on this planet

Petunia Night Sky

Night Sky Petunia–boldly goes where no Petunia has gone before…Light years from usual!

Night Sky Petunia’s inky purple flowers are spotted with white, almost like blue jeans splattered with bleach. Each flower is uniquely patterned, no two being the same. The overall effect resembles a starry night, bright with celestial objects. Night Sky Petunia grows 10-16″ tall and spreads 24-36″ wide. Its out-of-this-world flowers create fascinating containers and hanging baskets, or a weed smothering ground cover.

Missouri Wildflowers

The Missouri native gardening trend continues to gain steam as gardeners discover its many benefits. Adapted to Missouri’s particular and unique climate, Missouri wildflowers easily create luscious gardens overflowing with blossoms. Missouri wildflowers are tolerant of rapid weather changes, cold snaps, heat waves, drought, and whatever else Mother Nature throws at us.

Selecting The Right Plants

When selecting Missouri wildflowers for your gardens, it is important to choose plants for your particular situation, taking into consideration light and water requirements, along with other traits. With our Selecting Missouri Wildflowers Guide and Missouri Native Plant Guide you can easily choose plants for your unique garden.

Heaven Heard You

Finding fabulous choices for shady areas has been a gardener’s challenge, but things have changed. From the miraculous hands of nature comes shade perennials so beautiful and long blooming, only the divine could have been involved in their creation. Your Gardening Angels have heard your prayers for superior shade plants, and they have responded with these remarkable delights:

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  • New Plants For 2016–Younique Salmon Astilbe

    Astilbe Younique SalmonIt’s getting exciting!! The plant orders have been placed and the nursery soon will be filled with tons of babies. As we gear up for 2016 we will be sharing the new plants with you. We will be posting new plants here on on our blog, on our See What’s New page, and in our Reference Guide. You’ll want to check them often, as you don’t want to miss a thing.

    The Best Reblooming Astilbe, Younique Salmon

    A heavy bloomer, Younique Salmon Astilbe brings large fluffy salmon pink plumes. Spectacular in flower, the fuzzy blossoms rise above its attractive mound of ferny foliage. Its emerald green, glossy leaves always look beautiful, turning dark gold in fall, with the leaves lasting into winter. The best reblooming Astilbe, flowers should be cut back to encourage more blooming. Read more here.



    Expect a ton of oohs and ahs with Dancing Queen Amaryllis

    Amaryllis Dancing QueenAs festive the most cheery holiday decorations, Dancing Queen Amaryllis brings massive blossoms of red and white. Each flower is loaded with layers of petals, each uniquely striped. It works beautifully to liven up holiday displays, as a stunning centerpiece, or as an elegant gift for your special friend or family member.

    Amaryllis are easy to grow indoors, and can be grown on for years of blooms.

    Read more here.