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2017 Talks and Events

We Offer Free Classes and Garden Events Throughout the Year

Our garden events and classes feature gardening experts, activities for the kids, workshops and much more. You’ll find classes for gardeners at all levels, we cater to the beginning gardener, the out of control hobbyist and everyone in between.

Garden Clubs, Welcome!

Looking for something special for your next meeting? Come to Sugar Creek. We would be happy to host your meeting and put on a program for your group. Call 314-965-3070 for reservations. This service is free.

See 2017 Event Schedule here.


Amaryllis Growing Tips and Techniques


Amaryllis Growing Tips and Techniques

Abby Elliott, owner at Sugar Creek, shared with The Gateway Gardener her favorite Amaryllis and techniques on how to grow these beauties. Stop by the nursery to pick up your copy, or read it here.

Pictured the festive Dancing Queen, see it here.

50% Off Amaryllis

50% Off Amaryllis

It’s amazing that such spectacular blooms appear with such little effort. Just plop your bulbs in a pot or vase and magically blossoms will appear. For a limited time we are offering the following beauties at half price. Normally $16.99, now only $8.49. 

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  • See Amaryllis Growing Instructions here. 

    Add Organic Matter Directly to Your Garden In Fall


    Pumpkin Sugar Creek GardensSave a step—add organic matter directly to your vegetable garden in fall

    After you have harvested all of your veggies for the year, instead of composting your end of the season organic matter, add it to your garden. With the soil still being warm, the material will decompose quickly, saving you the time of amending your soil in spring.   

    You can add any vegetable or plant material, along with grass clippings and leaves. You’ll want to chop up the larger pieces, such as tree leaves or garden residue. Lawn mowers with bagging attachments work well to shred this material and collect it in one operation.

    Spread the organic matter to about 3” deep and work in the soil. The warmer days will quickly turn your garden refuse into black gold. Organic matter may be added every two weeks or so from September until the first weeks of December. 

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    Want Hummingbirds? Try Arabesque Red Beardtongue

    Penstemon Arabesque Red GoatbeardMother Nature gifted hummingbirds with Red Arabesque Beardtongue, Penstemon. Hardwired to seek out red, trumpet-shaped flowers, hummingbirds find Red Arabesque irresistible. An award winning beauty, Arabesque Red Beardstongue’s tall, majestic spires are loaded with fascinating carmine-red trumpet like flowers with pristine white throats. This jewel exhibits superior garden vigor and flowering. A fantastic addition to containers and the garden, it attracts butterflies, hummingbirds, and the OMG I saw one dragonflies. Read more here.