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Growing Amaryllis

Growing Amaryllis for Holiday Displays

DAZZLING DISPLAYS of gargantuan flowers are a snap with the foolproof Amaryllis. Easy to grow, Amaryllis bulbs should be planted in late fall for holiday flower displays which can last 7 weeks or even longer. Learn how easy it can be with our Growing Amaryllis Guide, go now.

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  • Redeem Your Pansy Dollars September 22-28

    Redeem Your Pansy Dollars September 22-28

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    Proven Hardy, And Here’s The Proof

    Eucomis Sparkling Burgundy, Pineapple LilyProven Hardy, And Here’s The Proof

    For many years ‘Sparkling Burgundy,’ an outstanding selection of Pineapple Lily, Eucomis, has been treated like a tender perennial. Rumor had it that is was hardy, we decided to see for ourselves. In 2014 we planted one in our front garden. To our utter amusement, it has flourished and bloomed for 3 years. The photo here was taken July 26, 2017.

    What’s so great about this plant is that it looks tropical, but is a hardy perennial. It boasts dramatic dark burgundy leaves that slowly change to olive green, and then revert back to dark burgundy as its large, fragrant flowers fade. On 20-30″ stalks magnificent bottle-brush-like flower clusters of tight, smokey pink florets appear over a long 6-8 week bloom period. Its flowers open bottom to top. Named for its stunning inflorescences that resemble pineapples, especially right before the flowers begin opening. Eucomis make spectacular specimens in gardens and in pots. Perennial. Proven to be reliably hardy in zones 6-9.


    Pansy Dollar Days


    rewards pansy dollarsThank you Sugar Creek patrons! You may redeem your Pansy Dollars July 21-July 27, 2017. Redeem your Pansy Dollars for up to 50% off.

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    Earn Pansy Dollars All Year. Earn $1 Pansy Dollar for every $10 U.S. spent. Pansy Dollar Days Rules:

    • Pansy Dollars, when matched with one U.S. dollar, can be used towards the purchase of all merchandise during official Pansy Days.
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    Super Bloomers For Summer Sensation

    Super Bloomers For Summer Sensation

    Discover gorgeous summer bloomers from Abby Lapides, owner here at Sugar Creek, in the latest edition of the Gateway Gardener.