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And through the weeds…native plants!

MayapplesI was walking my dogs through the woods near my Webster Groves house, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted these Mayapple plants poking up. That wooded area is LOADED with invasive bullies — so much honeysuckle, ivy, and euyonymus.

I love that Mother Nature can rebound, even in the face of smothering exotics. The Mayapple ( Podophyllum peltatum) is a Missouri native that thrives in the rich organic soil of wooded areas. It goes dormant in the heat of summer, but returns every spring. So if you have a shady, wooded spot, this is one plant that not only would be happy there, but also sooo easy — you can’t beat natives for ease!

Other great Missouri natives that love woodland locations include:

Celandine poppies ( Styllophorum diphyllum)


Virginia bluebells ( Mertensia virginica)

Wild ginger ( Asarum canadense)

Maidenhair fern ( Adiantum pedatum)

Columbine ( Aquilegia)
…and many more…

The yellow of the Celandine poppies and the striking blue/purple bluebells make a great combination, and the wild ginger is a fantastic groundcover. And maidenhair fern is my all-time favorite fern. It even looks great in a container on a shady porch. Read about more Missouri native plants here.

Happy gardening,