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 Find the largest selection of plants in the Midwest 

Welcome to a new growing season.



WELCOME to a new growing season. 2018 brings a dazzling selection of plants that will grab your imagination and won’t let go. Experience plants that will give you the blossoms and outstanding performance of large specimens yet in a more manageable size, exotic annuals, along with hard-to-find Missouri native plants. At Sugar Creek discover over 2,000 + varieties of the finest plants on the planet. Below is a sampling of 2018’s exceptional choices.

Abby Lapides Sugar Creek Gardens


To ensure you the strongest, healthiest plants in the area, the majority of our plants are locally grown.


For images, plant descriptions, and growing instructions, see our Reference Guide and Plant Guides, designed to help you take the guess work out of plant selection.  


Happy gardening!


Abby Lapides




The first dwarf Annabelle type or Smooth Hydrangeas in the world! 

Hold on to your hat, these cute little landscape plants will change the way you garden. Truly a transformative advance in plant hybridizing, these babies are just like their big cousins, but only grow 1-3′ tall. Guaranteed to bloom! While other showy Hydrangeas’ blooming may be iffy, due to Smooth Hydrangeas blooming on new wood, blooming begins in early summer and continues through frost, with new flowers appearing the whole time. They naturally grow as tidy, rounded mounds. Each pure-white or deep mauve flower is held up on a strong, supportive stem for a display that looks more like a bouquet of flowers than a landscape plant. Their petite size makes them perfect for small hedges, naturalizing, rain gardens, foundation plantings, edging for walkways, perennial and cutting gardens, and patio pots. They easily thrive in sunny or shady locations. Attractive to butterflies, birds and other pollinators. Its parents are the beloved Missouri native Smooth Hydrangea, Hydrangea arborescens.

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     Peony Lady In Red, Paeonia

    You’ll see it first at Sugar Creek 

    We’ve been given an exclusive, you’re only going to find these breakthrough creations at Sugar Creek. Due to our close relationship with a remarkable Dutch grower, we have been given a few samples of a fabulous new Peony.


    Hand-selected in Europe exclusively for Sugar Creek comes ‘Lady In Red’ Peony featuring massive blossoms with layers of velvety reddish-purple petals. Its rich color is exceptional and very intense! Loaded with romantic perfume its blossoms will fill your garden or home with its fresh sweet scent. No staking needed! Remarkable for its massive flower size, Lady In Red holds up its wondrous blossoms high and erect on strong stems. Limited supply. Read more here.




    Considered the best repeat blooming Daylilies available, mature plants are know to produce 400 flowers in a year.

    From the Netherlands comes EveryDayLily Daylilies, the longest blooming, heaviest blooming Daylilies available. Long-lived perennials. Outstanding characteristics include:


    • Bloom continually from late spring through fall.
    • Better, more flowers, longer blooming period than all other repeat blooming daylilies.
    • Brilliant colors, in shades of red, pink, coral, yellow and white, some with halos and unique shading.
    • Mature plants have been known to produce 400 flowers a season.



    Echinacea Sugar Creek Gardens Favorite Conelfowers

    Sugar Creek’s Most Adored Coneflowers

    We love all Coneflowers here at Sugar Creek, but some we love more than others. Over the years many, many new Coneflowers have been introduced, and we tried to get our hands on every single one. These four made the top of our favorites list due to their mesmerizing beauty, prolific blooming, and exceptional vigor. With loads of blossoms these stunners create ultimate floral displays in gardens, containers, cut flower bouquets and dried arrangements. Long-lived, reliable perennials.

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     Oenothera macrocarpa, Missouri Evening Primrose


    From the great prairies of Missouri and the Midwest comes the outstanding Missouri Evening Primrose.


    A cherished Missouri and Illinois native perennial, Missouri Evening Primrose, Oenthera marcrocarpa, boasts brilliant 3-5″ yellow flowers. Low growing, sprawling plants 6-12″ tall are easy to grow.


    Flowers begin to appear in late spring and will continue into early fall. Its delightful softly fragrant blossoms only last one day, usually opening in late afternoon and remaining until the following morning. Stunning winged 2-3″ seed pods follow, creating another amazing display. Its long roots grow deeply into the soil making it extremely drought tolerant. Deer resistant. Read more here. 


    See more native plants here.



    Alcea Halo Lavender, Hollyhock

    If you admired your grandmother’s Hollyhocks, You’ll adore these even more

    Delightful, old-fashioned favorites, Hollyhocks charm us with their tall, stately flower spikes of bright, crepe-paper like blossoms. The ultimate cottage garden plant, they bring to our minds the memories and romance of times past. But wait–the new outstanding hybrids are quite different than the ones Granny grew. These new delights bloom heavier and longer, are richly colored and marked with intense highlights. And unlike their ancestors which are biannual (only live 2 years), they are true perennials, returning year after year. 

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    Just like the ones Granny hid the outhouse with

    Fig Leaf Hollyhock features large crepe-paper like blossoms on tall, stately stems over a long time in summer. Its saucer shaped flowers are available in a wonderful array of colors and shades including yellow, copper, pink, red, and white. It’s large fig-like leaves add considerable interest. This hardy variety is robust and rust resistant. Read more here. 



    Everything you ever wanted in a rose  

    Finally – a fragrant, disease-resistant rose! ‘At Last’ Rose combines everything you ever wanted in a rose—all the romance of a fully-petaled tea rose with a classic rose scent, and the disease-resistance, easy care, and continual blooming of a landscape rose.


    You’ll enjoy bouquets of large, spicy scented, rich apricot-peach blossoms from late spring until frost. No spraying or fancy pruning is required for this disease free beauty. Handsome, glossy foliage and a vigorous, rounded habit makes At Last Rose ideal for hedges, foundation plantings, perennial and cutting gardens, patio pots, or as a specimen. Very long blooming, with flowers present from late spring through frost. Read more here.



    Super Dwarf Tomatoes

    Now you too can enjoy home grown tomatoes, even if you only have a small growing space. Ideal where space is limited, Super Dwarfs Patio Tomatoes will produce full-size fruit on manageable-size plants in small-space gardens or patio containers. Being indeterminate, they continue to produce their delicious fruit all season. These tomatoes exhibit super performance and rich flavor. Tomatoes vary in size and shape, including fruits over 1 pound. Broad range of flavors—sweet, tangy, fruity and even a hint of saltiness —something to please everyone! Easy to grow in pots, on balconies, or wherever space is limited.   


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    Tomato Sun Sugar

    Some say ‘Sun Sugar’ Tomato is the world’s sweetest tomato

    Abundant, candy-sweet orange cherry tomatoes with high levels of sugar and vitamin A appear for months. Each 1/2-1″ bright orange tomato bursts with rich flavor, the perfect combination of sweet and tart. It’s a vigorous grower that will produce hoards of tasty fruits from summer until frost. ‘Sun Sugar’ Tomato will continue to fruit heavily even through the hottest days of summer. One of the absolute best cherry tomatoes, its delightful fruits are fantastic for snacking, salads and delicious salsas. Multiple award winner including winner of the Missouri State Fair’s Best Tasting Tomato contest. Available as a Mighty ‘Mato, see below. Read more here. 




    Mighty ‘Mato Grafted Tomatoes

    Stronger! Faster! Fights Off Disease & Pests! Super Yields! 200-400% More Tomatoes!


    Mighty Mato super tomatoes are created by connecting (grafting) the roots of vigorous, disease resistant varieties with the scion (top part of plant) of varieties with phenomenal flavors and excellent fruit quality. SEE MORE HERE.



    Petunia Night Sky


    Boldly goes where no Petunia has gone before…Light years from usual!

    You’ll be imagining places far far away when you gaze at the amazing patterns of Galaxy Petunias. The otherworldly blossoms are spotted with white, almost like blue jeans splattered with bleach. The overall effect resembles a starry night, bright with celestial objects. These out-of-this-world flowers create fascinating containers and hanging baskets or weed smothering ground covers. Heavenly fragrant. You’ll find inky blue Night Sky, the dreamy Pink Sky, and violet Gemini.



    Hosta World Cup, 2018 Hosta Of The Year

    Winner of one of the most prestigious plant awards, World Cup Hosta has been named the 2018 Hosta of the Year. 

    Like the award it was named after ‘World Cup’ Hosta is in a league by itself. Its cupped, brilliant gold leaves become heavily puckered and corrugated.’ World Cup’s’ impressive form and gleaming color add considerable interest to shady gardens and containers. It matures to a spectacular mound 40-48″ across. In summer pale lilac flowers appear on 36″ scapes above the foliage.


    Read more here.


    Pair it with the 2014 Hosta of the Year Abiqua Drinking Gourd for a winning combination. 



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    Pinball Wizard Carnations

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    Dianthus Pinball Wizard, Carnation


    ‘Pinball Wizard’ Carnation brings creative artistry to the garden with its crazy-fun flowers heavily scented with spicy perfume.  


    Like a of shot of pink lightning ‘Pinball Wizard’ Carnation, Dianthus, light ups the garden with flashes of pink and white. Resembling a bouquet of miniature roses, you’ll admire this unique carnation for its velvety, spicy scented blossoms. They burst open in late spring with flowering repeating into fall. An extremely strong scented variety, try planting a few by the back door where its heady scent will delight all passing by. Perennial. Read more here.